Bljh Photography

Hi there ! 
How has everyone been ? I believe it has been around a month since i have last wrote an entry here, which has been quite awhile. 

It has been roughly 2 months since i have graduated from school, and so much has changed since going to school and being in classes is no longer is my 'daily curriculum' for me, and i guess most people would think that life without school will give you plenty of time to laze in bed till noon, but hell no ! That is totally not the case ! 

After my grad show i guess i have been rather productive cause i have been constantly doing work, but i do take awhile at retouching as i am normally not home to get my ass stuck onto a chair and retouch ! 

Eitherways, around one month back i photographed Borja Martin from Diva, a super easy model to work around with, and here are some of the final photographs from the shoot, do take a look and tell me what you think.... (the rest of the photos are on my website)

I am currently working on another new series of photographs with model Irina U, which i already have a preview photo on my website itself, cant wait to finish retouching all of them and show it to everyone ! 

Have a great weekend everyone ! <3

Bryan :)